Distinctive framing
Classical and modern framing of graphic art and paintings for
conservation. Do you have a valuable picture or a child’s
drawing that you love? I can handcraft a unique frame for you,
either gilded, colourfully painted or in simple wood. I can also
protect them for you with museum-quality glass.

Individuelle Rahmungen

Quality in bulk
For exhibitions, hotel decoration and much more, I also
manufacture frames and mounts in larger quantities.
Just ask and I’ll be pleased to make you an attractive offer.

Selection of mouldings, both traditional and my own,
available in all surface variations.

Qualität en gros

The following pages show examples of commissioned work ...

A collection of Indian representations of Ganesha,
various frames

Sammlung indischer Ganesha-Darstellungen

Painting, loosely positioned with painted shadow gap,
Romantic moulding, white gold, glossy-matt

Gemälde, freigestellt mit gefasster Schattenfuge

Japanese woodcut, silver, float mounted, spacer to glass

Japanischer Holzschnitt

Japanese woodcut, gold with primer, float mounted,
spacer to glass

Japanischer Holzschnitt: Gold mit Aufgrundierung

Monotype, white gold, print on mount, spacer to glass
Monotypie, Weißgold, Blatt aufgelegt

Indian Gouache, silver, float mounted, spacer, anti-reflective
museum-quality glass

Indische Gouache, Silber

Indian Gouache, platinum, glossy-matt, acid-free mount

Indische Gouache

Illustration, oiled alder wood, museum-quality mount and

Graphik, Erlenholz geölt

Paint on ivory, raw silk background, painted wood frame,
spacer, anti-reflective UV-glass

Various frames at different stages of production

Verschiedene Rahmen im Produktionsprozess