Claudia Götter. GötterGold.

Since 1986, Claudia Götter has worked as a master craftsman gilder
and church painter as well as a restorer and artisan.

Claudia Götter
is classically trained in the traditional craft of
gilding and church painting.
During her years as a journeyman she worked as a restorer for
well-known companies of church painters, doing preservation work in
various Bavarian churches and public buildings, including the Diessen
monastery church, the Silver Hall in the traditional inn, the Altes
Hackerhaus, Munich.
After qualifying as a master craftsman in 1987, she worked
freelance in the Munich Residenz palace and while there restored among
other things the Effner console tables for Schleißheim Palace and the
Residenz in Würzburg.
Then came “exotic” assignments in Oman. In the palaces in Muscat
and Salalah of Sultan Qaboos she designed decorative, extensive gilding
and painted murals. She then continued this gilding work on the Sultan’s
State Yacht in Plymouth, England.
In Munich in 1989, together with Andreas Gerth, she opened the
"Atelier Foyer des Arts" for classical and modern conservation framing
and restoration.
Since 1994 she has increasingly been leaving classical work behind and concentrating on her own free developments in her studio, “Atelier Zylla”.
Without the restrictions of the conventional laws of colour and shape,
she has begun to venture along new paths on the subject of unique
mirrors and art objects.
In 2004 she moved into new premises in Munich’s Westend with her
artist husband, Lothar Götter.

Just room for a few of her many exhibitions and projects:

Gallery for Applied Arts – Bavarian Art and Crafts Society (Kunstgewerbeverein)

Milan Furniture Fair, Milan

Handicrafts Trade Fair, Florence

Images for the Corpus Christi procession Administrative
Authority of the Archbishopric, Munich (with Lothar Götter)

Installation in St Paul Church (Paulskirche) – as part of the
“Long Music Night”, Munich

Installation in Trinity Church (Dreifaltigkeitskirche)
of Munich's 850th anniversary celebrations
She was accepted as the only gilder into the Bavarian Arts and
Crafts Society in Munich.
Her interest in conveying the ancient art of gilding

to the public, she achieves through:

  • guided tours of the workshop on the craft of gilding and painting
    wood carving
  • courses on gilding for master painters and restorers
  • workshops on different topics (including to primary schools
    and private individuals)
  • working with laymen for events, project management and concept development for groups (e.g. for Catholic Diocesan Office,
    Selberschön Agency, Munich)

Claudia Götter is pleased to lead you into the secrets of the art of gilding.
For old or young, professional or amateur artist, she runs workshops on
different topics, such as:
  • classic bole gilding: the art of the old masters
  • restoring beloved heirlooms …

Or: contact me to discuss an idea!

Claudia Götter
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