Golden Donkey, Angel, Easter Eggs …
Are you looking for a little, exquisite present? Do you love
aesthetic, perfectly hand-crafted little treasures?

Unique postcards, wooden ring-turned animals,
postcard/photo stands and much more ...


Easter Egg, gilded bole, 100,– to 120,– €

Osterei, polimentvergoldet

Studio exhibition


Golden Donkey, gilded bole, 9 x 7 cm, 120 €

Goldesel, polimentvergoldet

Postcard/photo stand, in platinum, also in gold or silver,
14 x 4 x 2 cm, 30 €


Unique postcards, seasonal motifs, from 8 to 10 €

Unikatpostkarte, saisonale Motive